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Meetings are held on Tuesday evenings with breaks for holidays;  
time - 8.00pm - 10.00pm at:-                                             
St Mary's Church Hall,
The Triangle,
High Road, 
Langdon Hills,
Basildon                 SS16 6HG                                                                                                                                                        Venues/Maps

Weekly Admission:  2.00 (Members);   2.50 (Non-members) per person.

Free admission on first night and 1 for non-dancers.

Dress is casual for these meetings and dancing pumps or trainers (soft footware) are essential.    Eventually you may want to get some ghillies for Scottish dancing with the lace-up front, but, for Ladies, dancing pumps are fine. 


   Bring a drink as this can be warm work.

You do not need a partner to go to a Scottish Country Dance. It is quite normal to ask anybody to dance.  Usually, the ladies are slightly in the majority but, unlike some
other types of dancing, most  men do get up and dance.

Most dances are walked through at these meetings, rarely at the major dances,
so steps are practised, and formations rehearsed.
The venues are not easy to find as we need, if possible, to have a wooden floor 
to be easy on the ankles. 

Scottish Country Dancing is popular with all age groups and often becomes a
life-long past-time so that many members are still dancing late in life.

To see a short video that shows how to do some steps and movements in Scottish Country dancing to give you a taster go to:-


(Paste the entire address into your browser)
This is from an NHS Choices website to show an alternative way to keep fit.

Also look at the "RSCDS Flash Mob,  Aberdeen" for a fun public display.
Most Scottish Country Dances are on YouTube to learn from, once you know the name of the dance.


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