President's Evening

Saturday 3rd March 2018
Canon Roche Social Centre,
Laindon Road, Billericay
CM12 9LL

Dance Programme

Cherrybank Gardens

Rutland Reel

The Cat & the Fiddle

The Moray Rant

Miss Johnstone of Ardrossan

The Flying Spur

The Swan & the Tay

Fisherman's Reel

Father Connelly's Jig

Far North Queensland


Scott Meikle

The Cranberry Tart

Foxhill Court

The Recumbent Stone

Joie de Vivre


Currie Mountain

Pelorus Jack

The Duke of Perth


Extras - A Reel for Alice, Hooper's Jig, The Belle of Bon Accord


BASILDON'S GOLDEN YEAR - Reel (4 x 32 bars)
   A new Scottish Country Dance created by  Irene Mackenzie & Norman Bennett for a 50th   Anniversary celebrated in 2011

   The Crib for this is:-This is a longways reel-time dance for 4 couples.




1 - 4

1C turn RH to double triangle positions, L facing up &

Man facing down (2C step up & face down, 3C face up);

all 3cpls set.

5 - 8

1L dances up between 2C and casts down round 2M while

1M  dances between 3C and casts up round 3L, finish

2nd places opposite sides.

9 - 16

1C LH across with 3C, then RH across with 2C; finish facing

17 - 24

1C pass and turn with 1crnrs, then with 2crnrs, 1C finishing
in 2nd place, opposite sides.

25 - 28

1C cross RH and cast off 1 place (3C move up).

29 - 32

1C and 4C set and link.




Tune:  'The Music Will Tell You', but any 4 x 32 bar reel would be suitable.







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