BASILDON?S GOLDEN YEAR - Reel (4 x 32 bars)
A new Scottish Country Dance created by  Irene Mackenzie & Norman Bennett for a 50th Anniversary celebrated in 2011

 The Crib for this is:-This is a longways reel-time dance for 4 couples.


1 - 4

1C turn RH to double triangle positions, L facing up &

Man facing down (2C step up & face down, 3C face up);

all 3cpls set.

5 - 8

1L dances up between 2C and casts down round 2M while

1M  dances between 3C and casts up round 3L, finish

2nd places opposite sides.

9 - 16

1C LH across with 3C, then RH across with 2C; finish facing

17 - 24

1C pass and turn with 1crnrs, then with 2crnrs, 1C finishing
in 2nd place, opposite sides.

25 - 28

1C cross RH and cast off 1 place (3C move up).

29 - 32

1C and 4C set and link.


Tune:  ?The Music Will Tell You?, but any 4 x 32 bar reel would be suitable.



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